CBD Oil is the active ingredient in hemp.  Hemp is becoming very popular.  We have a few people farming hemp right in our town and very near by.  

I have been experimenting with CBD oil lately.  I have taken it myself personally and  have found relief about the same as taking an analgesic.  I like the fact that it is natural though.  You put about 20 drops under your tongue and keep it there for a least a minute.  Because you have to hold it in your mouth it is good if it tastes good.  Some tastes pretty earthly and some of it is pretty tasty.  You can buy it in different strengths too depending on your needs.

Hemp is useful for so many things.  The fibers are used to make rope and garments and paper.  I'm sure there are many other uses for hemp.  

We have started making Hemp soap.  We add hemp oil for moisturizing and promote healthy skin.  The fragrance is slightly floral and very earthy.  It has patouli under tones.  It has become my favorite fragrance.

We are planning on adding a pain relief cream with CBD isolate from local sources. We will let you know as soon as that is available.


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