Neysha and Trina

We have introduced pigs to our farm.  Trina and Neysha are Bershire and Duroc mix pigs and they are eight weeks old.  They weigh fifty pounds now but by February they should be about 250 pounds. They will not be with us very long but while they are here they are having a wonderful time.

We feed them pig food in the morning.  They can't wait to see farmer Dale.  They snort and jump around.  In the afternoon they get a treat.  A few slices of bread or whatever is around that is going stale.  They love it.  We give them greens from the garden too.  In the evening they get their pig food again.  We slowly increase it as they grow.  

Pigs are smart and very personable.  That was something I didn't expect.  We keep them in with an electric fence.  They are very aware of the parameters.  They hit the fence once or twice but that was all.  

Pigs love to root the ground.  They make wonderful rototillers.  The pasture where they are had a plum tree that died and we took it down to the ground.  Well in two weeks they have almost completely rooted the entire root ball out.  They are very strong.  They ground is so nice where they are I think I will plant it after they are gone.

We are really enjoying the pigs.  They are not smelly but they do require a lot of water.  We give them ten gallons a day.  If you are thinking about getting pigs we would suggest you do .  They have been a wonderful edition to our homestead.


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