Raising Chickens

Every farm needs to have some chickens.  That's what I told my husband when we were thinking about starting our adventure of a small homestead.  He was not as enthused as I was but looking at the pictures on the website of those cute one day old chickens, who could resist.  You could only buy them in quantities of 25 or more.  I knew that wouldn't go over well.  I got some friends to go in half and we got our first 13 chickens.  My husband fell in love with them.  It was quite a change.  That was 3 years ago and he has enjoyed being with them every day since.  I think they may be his favorite farm critters.

Six weeks ago we got our second order of chickens.  This time we received all 25.  They grow amazingly fast.  When you first get them they all come in a little box.  I saved the box and after one week I was astounded how much they grew.  They could never get back in there little box.  

At four weeks we turned them out into the coup.  And they have been there two weeks and this week we will be turning them out and trying to mix the two flocks. I am believing all will go well.  They have been able to see each other for the last two weeks and seem friendly so we will cross our fingers and turn them out.

I hope everyone will be interested in a lot of farm fresh eggs next year.  We will have a lot.  

If you are near Zebulon NC please come by the Zebulon Farm Fresh Farmers Market and pick up some eggs.

Thanks for sharing our adventure.  Until next time, stay healthy.

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