Simple Soap and Balm started with a vision of a small homestead, a happy farm and two happy farmers.

This is our little farm and we love it.  We try to do things like they were done 100 years ago.  We believe there was some wisdom then that we may be lacking now.  

I hope you enjoy going on our journey with us while we blog our adventures in homesteading.  We have enjoyed greater health and well being since we have begun.  We have also had some hilarious blunders that we will be happy to share with you too.

We have discovered amazing healthy skin and personal products that we would love to share with you. Our soaps and lotions and balms are a healing affordable luxury that we really didn't intend to find, but what a find it was.  We hope you will enjoy them repeatedly.

I know you can buy soap anywhere and from anyone, so we truly thank you for choosing Simple Soap and Balm for your personal care needs.